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Waters bring wealth to residents

2024-04-29 Restaurant fined, punished for illegal performances Avant-garde art enlivens rural China amid revitalization drive A life-changing experience: Embracing culture and nature in Shandong Waters bring wealth to residents Devoted zookeeper behind a 'chimpanzee influencer' Visually impaired woman gives birth in Shanghai Zhejiang hopes to bridge urban-rural gap Manas epic grows in stature China initiates level I response to Doksuri Lotus blooms flourish in summer heat Ministry urges improved performances from ride-hailing apps Coastal China prepares for typhoon's arrival Four senior officials removed, placed under investigation Coastal cities preparing for Doksuri National Book Expo opens in Jinan Picturesque season unfolds in Yunnan Procuratorates vow to use law to promote economic development Children in Guizhou learn new skills while on vacation Buddhism students in Tibet celebrate hard-earned graduation